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March 15, 2016

Tips For The Best Post-Frame Farm Building Jobs

farm storage building albertaPost-frame building is a great way to quickly build high-quality farm buildings on your property. It is quick, inexpensive, and can be performed by just about anyone. However, there are also a variety of mistakes that you might make which can ruin the effectiveness of your construction. So if you’re hoping to achieve the best Alberta post-frame farm shop building construction, follow these simple tips.


Best Depth Of In-Ground Columns

When sinking your columns in the ground, you need to set them at a proper depth. Setting them too shallow will make them unstable, while setting them too deep is unnecessary. Each column should be set at least four-feet deep. This will help make your foundation stronger and protect it from the elements.


Boosting The Strength Of Your Columns

Strong columns are absolutely necessary when it comes to great post-frame building. This is especially true when building a barn or a farm storage building, as these require strong columns to support their rather high height. The best way to do this is to bolt your trusses to columns: double-sheer protection like this helps hold them together more fully and makes them stronger and longer-lasting.


Add Temporary Wind Bracing

During periods when you’re not working on your post-frame farm building, it’s liable to be subject to heavy winds. Farm buildings are particularly vulnerable because they are usually situated near fields without trees to protect them. Temporary wind bracing installed around the building to protect it from heavy winds. This will keep it from potentially falling apart under heavy wind.


Build With Machine Stress-Rated Lumber

Lumber is stress-rated either visually or with a machine. While visual-rated lumber can work in many circumstances, it is probably best to go with machine stress-rated lumber. Why? It tests the strength of lumber based on a variety of variables which are harder to gauge visually. This helps make the rating more accurate, ensuring that the lumber used in your post-frame building remains strong.


Focus On Ring Shank Nails

Applying dimensional lumber in post-frame buildings requires using ring shank nails. Why? These nails include a variety of rings that make them stronger and hold them to work faster. They are important in a post-frame farm building, as they will prevent the nails from pulling out under heavy stress or windy conditions, the type of problems that often plague other post-frame farm buildings.

Follow these tips and your post-frame farm building will be the envy of all your Alberta friends! If you have strong carpenter skills, you can build your own farm building. However, if you’re not that good at that kind of work, it is best to call a professional right away.


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