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Vertical Gardening

Maximize the space in your household by resorting to vertical gardening and enjoying its fruits. There are several upright plants that can be both ornamental and fruit-bearing for your garden. You can have crops that need trellis and bush plants to start with. Vertical gardens save space and are great to behold. However, you should install the proper vertical support for the plants to thrive and to protect them from pets and pests. Hanging plants have their way to grow in a vertical garden as they have their own twining stems and curling tendrils to cling to the vertical support. They have also branches that are able to grow roots when touching the soil. Vertical growing plants are adaptable to any support available. Their curling tendrils will surely wrap around the sticks and trellises along their way up. Vertical growing plants can also hold on to nets which is a good idea to use. Wire cages can be of help too.

Upright gardens depend on durable materials like stakes, posts and trellises. Most vertical gardens are semi-permanent in nature.

Vertical gardening can be easy to maintain because weeding and cultivating is relatively simple. This kind of garden also converts bare walls into attractive spaces or green walls. There are plants that are heavy so be sure to build your vertical garden with materials that do not rot quickly when exposed to soil, wind and water. Even fences can be turned into an upright garden if you wish. Once you have started vertical gardening, you will discover new practical methods that can be compared with traditional gardening. Many scrumptious and nutritious fruits and vegetables can be packed into each segment of your vertical garden and you virtually can have a supply of food from wall to wall. Vertical gardening is also a healthy pastime that is relaxing and inexpensive. When you take care of your garden well, you shall reap more harvests and have plants that live longer.

Assuming that you have had a horizontal garden before, then it would be easy for you to switch to the vertical garden. You dont have to make garden plots anymore in rows which require larger space to till. Weeds also grow more insistently in horizontal beds and are more accessible for destruction by animals. Besides, horizontal gardens consume more water than the vertical ones. As you go on with your vertical garden, you will eventually learn new things to make your garden spectacular. The most fun part of it is that you will not anymore buy your vegetables or fruits in the market. This is already a big advantage for your household budget.

Dont start your vertical garden so big. Build the garden phase by phase so that you can expand it according to your needs. Consider also the seasons in the year to determine what plants should be planted in a particular season.

Take delight in your vertical garden where flowers can be cultivated. If you love to plant vegetables and fruits, just look for a place in your backyard that has daylong supply of sunlight. These plants will make your surroundings productive and attractive as well.