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March 1, 2016
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Garden Statues

When you think of garden statues what do you think of? Is it a memorial rose garden? Is it a church court yard? Is it something to add curb appeal to your home. Finding the right statue can take your ordinary yard to new heights. Although they are beautiful, They don’t have to be pocket book killers or the eye sore that drives your family crazy. The next questions you need to ask yourself, is what theme are you looking for? From a simple statue of David or a Greek goddess. The overall appearance can make or break the look of your statues.

Now where do you find the statue? From the expensive to the inexpensive. You can order them online or you can have them custom made or you can make them yourself. . Your local nursery may have statues that they can import for you. Another way to find great statues is at museums. Sometimes in order to bring new exhibits in they must move older works. You may find a great deal on something that you really want. Remember you can look in DIY books to better homes and gardens for great ideas for statutes. Is water one of the features youre looking for? Now that you’ve found your statue, what is it worth? Is it a modern fountain statue or is a Greek Goddess? The value may vary. Remember that weddings in Rose gardens have beautiful statues. Usually something with fertility. To the god of love. Whatever the reason or placement of the statue it can be a wonderful area or an eye sore.

Now is this a feature that you will pass along or is this something to add to overall appeal of your property? Whatever your reason, you need to find the right piece for the right price. Make sure that you shop around and find the piece that is perfect, and remember this is something you will have for many years. You dont want a dumb looking dragon smoking a pipe, or a naked woman or man that your grand kids will be hanging off of in your golden years, if thats not what you want. What do you want your statue to be made of? Many questions need to be answered in order to find the right statue. Do you want a Jade Dog? An onyx flower? A wood totem? A big Buddha? Is it concrete over chicken wire? Make sure that you buy something that will with stand the time and weather for your region. You dont want something that will oxidize or disintegrate if its outside to long or something that needs to sit in the living area or your house. Is it wood?

These are all things that come into play when buying or creating your statue. Whatever your statue is made or youll have to find a way to move it. Many shippers have great prices and maybe able to combine your priceless piece of art to your location.